The Negev desert around Eilat covers some of the most spectacular desert scenery in the world. Majestic coral reefs, natural canons, wildlife and sandy beaches. This towel collection was inspired by the natural beauty that encompasses the surrounding area of Eilat, Israel.

100% GOTS certified organic cotton threads, are treated through beeswax to have the natural Ecru color. The threads are handwoven on looms into a dense double-loop weave, setting a new standard for softness, absorbency and durability. 


13 in. x 13 in.


Each piece we sell can be traced back to a family workshop, made sustainably and ethically in southern Turkey. Slowly handcrafted on old-style shuttle looms, some pieces taking days to make. 

Aside from the environmental benefits, organic cotton is more absorbent, dries faster, remains soft, and is better at reducing moisture-induced bacteria, which means your products will never smell musty.

Most towels are produced on factory machines using inferior quality cotton or synthetic fibers. The speed and size of the machines means that the threads need to be coated in starch and wax to prevent them breaking during production. The final product will not absorb water as well and only lasts a few years when compared with Alaina Organic's, which can last decades if cared for properly. In fact the more you use and wash them, the softer and more absorbent they become.


Everyday care is easy; gentle cold or warm machine wash with a natural laundry detergent and either tumble dry or hang dry. See towel care for full product care details.

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