Towel Care

As a hand-made, luxury organic product, each item must be treated as such, in order to achieve its maximum life span.  
First Time Use
Organic cotton hasn't been treated with chemicals like conventional cotton, so it needs to be broken in to achieve optimal absorbency.
We recommend you soak towels in cold water before use. This soaking process helps to expand the cottons fibers, ensuring absorption from your very first use.  Be sure the towel is completely saturated with water. You may have to use your hands to really work the water into the fibers.
Thick Looped Towels: soak in cold water for 24 hours /– spin cycle – wash and dry – repeat process

Flat Woven Pestamels: soak for 6-12 hours /– spin cycle – wash and dry – repeat process
 The soaking process only needs to be done once. After, you can care for your towels with the washing and drying instructions below. 
Washing Instructions
Machine wash your towel in cold water.  
Avoid fabric softeners, as they reduce the natural absorbency by coating the fibers in chemicals. Be careful not to wash your towels with any items that may catch on the loops or tassels.  
The more you use and wash your towels the softer and more absorbent they become.
Drying Instructions
You may tumble-dry the towels, however be careful not to over-dry, as this can damage the organic fibers.
Hang to dry or tumble dry on cool to medium. If you want to get more longevity out of your towel avoid tumble drying. Towels should last 20+ years using a dryer and 30+ years if hung out to dry.
Natural Stain Treatment
Never use bleach or fabric softener on your hand loomed textiles. Bleach breaks down the natural fibers, reducing the strength and durability of the fabric. Opt for a natural treatment — add 1/4 cup of baking side and one cup of white vinegar to your wash
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