Handwoven to perfection into limited edition modern designs; our products can last a lifetime.
Alaina Organic works directly with the few remaining weaving families in Southern Turkey. Channeling back to Ottoman times, each piece is woven on traditional looms, taking days to complete.
Having lived in Turkey for seven years, Owner and Designer, Caitlin Diebler collaborates with our skillful artisans to design beautiful products with luxury quality. Each item is made with 100% organic cotton or linen, never enters a factory and is always ethically produced.
A woven item is very special in today's market, not just because of its beauty, but due to its endurance. Our thick, looped towels can last between five and six times longer than factory made. When you combine this strength and integrity with the highest quality organic fibers, the result is a product with a level of excellence that is an exception and a rarity in the market.
By purchasing from our company, you can be sure you are using completely natural materials benefiting you and your family, the livelihood of our crafting artisans and the environment.
Thank you for making a difference!
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